Face peels are meant to diminish imperfections by peeling away the skin’s top layers. Peeling involves applying a chemical solution to treatment areas. For example, the fine wrinkles around your lips can sometimes be improved with a specially formulated facial peel. A face peel removes dead skin cells to allow skin cells to regenerate. Facial peeling may be done as an isolated procedure, or it may be used as an indispensable add-on to facelift plastic surgery. Face peels vary according to their specific ingredients and their strength. Depth of peeling also depends on how long the solution remains on the skin and on how vigorously the solution is applied.

Dr. Sonderman will discuss your desires with you and explain the details about skin treatment with face peels. There are several non-surgical facial procedures available, and Dr. Sonderman will help you determine the non-surgical skin treatment that is most suitable for you. Face peels are an ideal treatment for those patients that want improved skin with immediate results, little time off, no discomfort, or post-treatment care.

Please contact Dr. Sonderman to schedule a consultation or for more information about face peel wrinkle reduction.